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Other projects

During university and later on I worked on many different projects. Some of them are listed here below, some others could be found on Behance and my side project (as you can tell from the gif on the right is about wine 🍷) can be found here and here.


Different roles: UX/UI Designer, motion designer, visual and content creator
Figma | Illustrator | Wordpress | After effects

2013, 14, 15...

Crypto society 

Requested deliverables
  • Website
  • Setup of Medium
  • Log
  • PPT Template

Cryptosociety is an Italian public association of companies and freelancer providing training and news about cryptocurrencies mainly through "physical" events (not just online!). You can see the website here.

Product vision
‣ We want to train and inform about cryptocurrencies and their technological implications.
‣ We want to create a community of professionals throughout Italy.

Isometric illustration (2018)

-----Isometric illustration exploration made while I worked with Eidoo, a fintech company based in Ticino, specifically for ICO Engine: their tool for companies and startups to directly organize token sales.

Fast & Fun (2013)
Study and design of a new image for Fast & Fun - Sport Park.

Fast & Fun Sport Park is a sport center in the metropolitan city of Milan - it sourrounded by an interesting natural environment with wide green space and spontaneous water resources.
Our university professor involved us to create a new brand identity with the goal to attract more young people.

  • Direct contact with nature
  • Wide open space
  • Sport indoor and outdoor
  • Little care and mantainance
  • Wide open space...but without character
  • No promotion

After talking with the owners and the people who work there we defined some new values:
Aggreagation | Energy | Family Friendly | Outdoor

New Logo
We created a new logo taking inspiration from the shape of a F, a man running and an arm with a ball.

To promote the center we also decided to organise two events:
Art&Fun - after school creativity lab
Fast&Fun night - evening events with live music about health and fun

More brand projects (included my thesis) here.
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