iPratico | Overview of my work 


My very first job (also where I discover my passion for understanding users and working on improving their experience with digital products) was in this small italian startup, pioneer in the Italian restaurant world.  

I was wearing a looot of hats: UI / UX Mobile | Communication (including content creation for social media and blog) | Visual Design | UI Web
Sketch | Illustrator | Invision | Photoshop | After Effects | Mailchimp
Jan 2015 - Oct 2016

I enjoyed the (very small) startup environment where you can really learn a lot covering different roles and tackling different challenges. Also, working for the italian restaurant scene is quite challenging since there are so many different users with very different needs depending on the business they are running.
iPratico was the first POS in the world to be designed for iPad and published on the App Store (04.09.2010).
When I was working there they had two apps: one, iPratico POS, allows to take orders and does all the cashier operations (it also has a portal that allows to centrally manage inventory, staff productivity, check receipts, analyze statistics.)
The second app is called iPratico Menu and it allows the customer to directly order from the table without the help of the waiter. The two apps are integrated and they can be used together.


I worked on the UX of both apps with key users, business managers, the product manager and the development team, supporting constantly the developers work.
In the picture below you can see the portrait version of the app that we decided to introduce after analysing the behaviour of the waiters through usability test and interviews with beta testers. While the horizontal view was perfect for the cashier, the vertical one allowed the waiter to see more tables and to have more control on the orders.

Social media & content creation

I managed social media, creating content both visual and textual.
I designed and developed manuals, newspaper ads, brochure and others additional optional.
I created video and blogged (about the product itself, events, interviews).

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